Tow More, Haul More, Do More!

Tow-Mate USA is a family owned business In Edgar, WI. The Tow-Mate was designed to help all present and future owners of Tow Dollies get more value from their purchase. We designed and created the first flatbed product that can fit onto most all major brands of Tow Dollies. We designed it to be light weight yet durable so it can handle most needs of a standard Utility Trailer. We also made it easy to attach and detach from a Tow Dolly in just minutes by one person. It is simple, yet a useful product that most likely will outlast your Tow Dolly, but that's ok if it does, because with our patented bracket system you can simply refit your Tow-Mate to your new Tow Dolly. We can also produce customized flatbed systems if needed and even dip them/paint them so they match your trailer or RV colors. Plenty of options are available. Thank you for stopping by and we hope we can be of service to you in the near future. - TOW-MATE USA